Code of Conduct


Ferratec GmbH’s values and principles are based on respect and appreciation of people and the environment.

It achieves this through ecological and social corporate management.
The company recognizes the cultural and sociological characteristics of its business partners and trusts that they will also respect Ferratec GmbH’s value system and live up to it.

Furthermore, we strive to continuously optimize our business activities and our products in terms of sustainability.
We work together with our business partners to implement holistic approaches.

Fair Treatment

Ferratec GmbH is committed to fair behavior towards its employees, customers and business partners.
We are committed to the principles of mutual interaction: Reliability, openness, honesty and respect. This also includes respect for personal rights, human rights and privacy.
We conduct discussions constructively.

Working World and Work System

We ensure that the distribution of tasks among our employees is appropriate to their individual capabilities and that the applicable regulations of labor law, health protection and occupational safety are complied with.
Workplaces are designed and equipped according to ergonomic criteria.
We are committed to offering regular preventive medical check-ups for at-risk groups in the case of internal activities.
We are committed to constantly developing and improving our internal working environment.

Social Responsibility

We have a social responsibility to our employees and to the public, which we fulfill in a variety of ways.
When allocating jobs, we give preference to people with disabilities, all other qualifications being equal.
We promote the development of young people by offering apprenticeships and internships.
Within our facilities, trainees are gradually introduced to new tasks and challenges, taking into account their individual personal development.
We ensure the successful integration of older people in our company within the framework of mixed-age teams.
We support our employees in their private pension provision by offering them the opportunity to take out a company pension.

Dealing with Business Partners and Customers

We are committed to an open and honest communication process with our business partners and our customers.
We provide advice and recommendations to the best of our knowledge and belief and on the basis of our many years of experience and expertise.

Integrity and Confidentiality

Sustainable business relationships are based on mutual respect and trust.
Ferratec GmbH acts with this in mind and takes the protection of personal and business data very seriously. Data received is used confidentially and for a specific purpose.
Data is only collected if it is necessary for the processing of customer orders, business relationships or employment relationships.
Applicable provisions of the Federal Data Protection Act and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) are complied with and compliance is checked at regular intervals.
The collection and use of data is made transparent for those affected.
The right to information and correction, objection, blocking and deletion is safeguarded.

Compliance with Economic Regulations

Ferratec GmbH is committed to keeping its accounts in accordance with the principles of proper accounting and compliance with the applicable commercial and tax regulations.
The company distances itself from all actions that are contrary to the public interest.
This includes acts of unfair competition such as bribery, deception, imitation and concealment. Antitrust agreements do not take place.

Protection of Personal Rights

We are committed to preventing any form of discrimination against employees.
This applies, for example, to discrimination based on gender, race, caste, culture, skin color, disability, political conviction, origin, religion, age, pregnancy or sexual orientation.
The personal dignity, privacy and personal rights of each individual are respected.

Continuous Improvement

We are committed to continuously improving our skills and performance.
Our continuous improvement process is driven by our employees’ willingness and readiness to learn, who are supported and encouraged to take advantage of training opportunities.
Our internal knowledge is developed through the use of our modern machinery and the use of high-quality materials. We continuously invest in our company equipment.

Ecological Obligation

The company is aware of its responsibility in dealing with non-renewable raw materials and substances that may be hazardous to the environment.
We are committed to limiting or even eliminating the negative effects of our actions on the environment and to implementing sustainable working practices.
To this end, we undertake to carry out an annual energy management and environmental management audit. Faulty production batches and production residues are fed into a recycling loop.
We work closely with waste disposal companies.